Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bye, bye, Georgetown streetcar tracks (June 2011)

The District of Columbia's Dept of Transportation has begun removing previously paved-over streetcar tracks in Georgetown's west end. According to the Greater Greater Washington newsletter (June 8 article by Topher Mathews), these are not the well-known and loved tracks set in the cobblestone pavers on O and P Streets between Wisconsin Avenue and 35th Street, but tracks that have been covered for decades. Comments from readers of this article said there are actually miles of track buried around the city; this is just one little piece. Removal, said the article, is scheduled for the segments on 35th Street between Prospect St NW and P St NW; 36th St between Prospect and P St; P Street between 35th and 36th; and Prospect between 35th and 36th. 

Today (June 8) I paid the work crew a visit and found them working only on the block of 36th St NW between O and P Streets. Photos below depict the work in progress there:

The article that led to this photo shoot can be read at

John Fuller

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  1. Great camera work. I wish I had the time to do the same. You may be interested to see vintage photos of these tracks when they were still in use prior to 1960: