Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hyattsville CPLs and wye, redux: New RR bridge at the apex (February 3, 2014)

After posting my January 31, 2014 photos of the CPL-replacement project at the east and west legs of the wye at Hyattsville, Maryland (CSX Capital Subdivision), I learned interesting details from a CSX engineer about the new bridge being built at the apex. On Monday, February 3, I grabbed the camera and headed back for a look.


The scene. Looking southeast toward the decades-old B&O/CSX single-track, deck-girder bridge across the Northeast Branch of the Anacostia River.
Looking north across that same railroad bridge, extremely foreshortened in this low-angled shot. Construction equipment at the north end (background) and south end (right side) is being used to build retaining walls and abutments for a new bridge to be situated to the right (east) side of the current bridge. The new bridge will carry the track leading to the east leg of the wye, while the old bridge will carry a second track to the west leg. CSX has embarked on a project to double-track the Alexandria Extension, which runs from Benning Yard (south end) to the Hyattsville wye (north end).

A closer look at the CPL and grading for a new track that will cross a new bridge to the east (right) of the current railroad bridge. The view is north.

An even closer look at grading for the track that will lead to the east leg.

Southward view across the Northeast Branch bridge. At the far end work is in progress to construct abutments for the new bridge over the Northeast Branch. This new bridge will carry one of the tracks coming off the railroad flyover bridge.

Zooming into the previous view a bit and revealing work at the far end. Note the jog in the existing track.

A tighter zoom onto that jog in the track. Fasten your seat belt, because I'm going to speculate what might happen here: The new second track will apparently be run up the right side (note the loose rail to the right of the active track), the current active track will be cut at the jog visible above, and the new track coming up the right side will then be welded to the old track crossing the old bridge. The whole assembly will then run to the west leg of the wye. The current active track below the cut will be welded to new track running across the new bridge to the east leg of the wye. Again, this is just my speculation. We shall see what happens in a few weeks.
Looking south toward the flyover bridge. This photo was taken as I stood on the edge of Tanglewood Drive. To the right, work is in progress to build a retaining wall.
A closer look at the retaining wall.

A view of the east side of the retaining wall.

Looking south, here's the north end of the flyover bridge. In the foreground is a set of crossovers to direct northbound trains to one or the other leg of the wye, or southbounds to track 1 or 2.

All clear! Here comes Q031.

Finally, I've mentioned the railroad flyover bridge. Here's a view of its architecture from the northern quarter of its approximately one-mile length. This shot and the one below were taken from Upshur Street.

And that completes my overview of work on the north end of the Alexandria Extension. More to follow in the weeks to come . . .

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