Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hyattsville wye progress report - December 15, 2014

Six weeks after my previous visit (November 2) to CSX's Hyattsville (Md.) wye project on the Alexandria Extension, I returned on Monday, December 15 to find all effort now concentrated on the old bridge.  Workers had removed its track and prepared the surface with heavy-gauge wire to support and strengthen a pour of concrete. When finished, track can be re-laid and run north to the west leg of the wye--which will no longer be a wye. The already-laid track on the newly-constructed bridge (right side above) will then lead directly to the east leg. Train routing will take place south of the bridge at the new crossovers instead of at the point of the wye.


The far (west side) track has been pulled up so the bridge can receive new concrete.

Notice the wire structures on the old bridge beyond the fence and orange cone. The wire is rust-colored and ready for that concrete.

A view from the west side of the old bridge.

Next, we're relocating to the north side of the Northeast Branch (Anacostia River) where we find not much happening at the wye. Photos were taken as I walked south along the track to the river crossing:

Oops. This empty coal train came west without my catching its symbol. Sorry about that.

We conclude with a look at the east leg of the wye as it crosses the sidewalk and Decatur Street. So, that's all to report for now. My next update will probably be filed late January.

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