Monday, February 8, 2010

H Street NE streetcar project update (January 28, 2010)

Here's the latest on one of Washington's two new streetcar lines, in this case, the H Street NE/Benning Road line, under construction since early last year. My previous report (see below) was shot and uploaded October 26. The date for this report is January 28, 2010, my birthday, incidentally--and a fun way to enjoy it. I started at the line's west end (photo above), the intersection of H Street NE and 3rd Street. I'm standing on the highway overpass that crosses Union Station's yard, facing east. On the left, where the man is crossing the street, one of the two tracks has been finished here.

The following series of photos begins with a close-up of the scene above, then proceeds east. When you come to the shot of Metro crossing above the road on a flyover, I have reversed the car and am heading back on Benning Road toward H Street in a westerly direction. As you'll see, this line is being completed in bits and pieces along its route:

The last photo marks my return to the intersection of H Street NE and 3rd Street, end of track. I'm facing west toward the bridge over Union Station's Yard.

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