Monday, February 8, 2010

Update (January 14, 2010) on the CSX RF&P Subdivision third-track installation project


This is a brief photo update (January 14) of the third-track project through Franconia Hill (signals now called "Fleet"). In the picture above, it's become plain that CSX intends to keep the old siding, which appears to be getting a switch into new Track 1. This siding is very short, suitable only for setoffs.

In the following photo, plans for the siding are evident as a rock train in the distance lays ballast for new Track 1:

This crane is fitted with a pile driver for whacking iron beams into the ground, which will support for a new wall to hold the cliff where it belongs:

What, pray, is that camera on the shanty for? Is the CSX timesheet department now online?
Here comes S415 grinding up Franconia Hill:


For previous reports on construction at this spot as well as end-of-new-track at the Franconia-Springfield Metro/VRE station, see below.

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