Monday, March 15, 2010

Update on Anacostia, D.C. streetcar project (March 9, 2010)

Repeated snow storms this winter played havoc with rail construction projects in the D.C. area. Thus, little progress was evident when I revisited the track-laying project for the new Anacostia streetcar system on March 9. Near as I could tell, all they had finished was the S-curve track under I-295 where Firth Sterling runs into South Capitol Street:

I could not see any progress, however, along South Capitol Street. These scenes look much like my last posting on January 29:

Moving under I-295 to Firth Sterling and looking back southwest, the finished portion can be seen from this side of I-295, where the contractor has begun installing "retro"-style lamp posts:

In the opposite (northeast-facing) direction on Firth Sterling, however, there had been no progress pushing the line beyond the intersection with Suitland Parkway:

I did see a newly-posted sign, however, announcing with hopeful precision that the project is to be completed August 17, 2010:


  1. I thought I told you I would kick you butt if I caught you hanging out in Anacostia again?