Monday, March 15, 2010

Update (March 9, 2010): CSX bridge replacement project on RF&P Sub at CFP102, Cameron Run


On my most recent visit to this site (March 9) progress appeared to have slowed, probably from several successive winter snow storms. Even though this was a sunny, mild day free of snow, for some reason there were only a few men working. The most obvious change was crossbeams had been laid across the steel columns of the framework on which the new bridge will be assembled. For comparison, see my previous posting on January 29. Trains shown are Amtrak 92 and Q406.
And then there was this rig, stationed on the railroad about 50 yards RR north of the bridge:
Any idea what this is, or what it's for? Through the trees it looks like a pile driver, but . . .

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  1. The Bauer BG40 is a driling rig. It can drill thriugh rock, etc. It is probably being used to set footings for the new structure.