Monday, April 19, 2010

Update on Cameron Run bridge construction (CSX CFP102)--April 18, 2010


My reports on the CSX bridge being erected at Cameron Run in Alexandria have, until now, featured photos taken from the industrial-park side of the site (actually, NS's CR Tower area)--the Wheeler Avenue side. On April 18, after taking a few pictures from that side and not noticing much change since my last report, I went around and approached from the Eisenhower Avenue side of the tracks.

These two views are from the Wheeler Avenue side:

And these two were taken from the opposite side of the tracks, the Eisenhower Avenue side, which afforded a better look into the space between the new and old (current) bridges:

In the last photo (below), we now have a mystery: There's a wide gap between old and new bridges. On what will the new bridge be slid on to put it into position on the concrete supports after the old bridge has been removed? Will more piles be driven into the ground? Will some enormously-strong scaffold be erected?

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