Monday, December 23, 2013

This is a test: Streetcar #101 parked on H Street NE, just waiting (December 21, 2013)

Wanting to see the test streetcar in daylight, I drove back to H Street NE on Friday, September 20 hoping to catch it in motion and maybe shoot video. But no, a pipe bomb scare in an apartment building on New York Avenue (that proved to be fake) brought Capitol Hill traffic to a standstill. I turned around and went home. Next morning (Saturday) I tried again and succeeded. There was the streetcar at the eastern foot of the Hopscotch Bridge on H Street NE, being watched over by a security guard.


Looking east from the Hopscotch Bridge.

Notice this car, #101 (appropriately), has "A" and "B" ends.

A security guard monitors my suspicious behavior--but left me alone.

The passenger seats are still shrouded in plastic wrap.

Still more trackwork to be done up the east side of the Hopscotch Bridge.
For my next DC Streetcar posting I hope to find #101 actually in motion. So, stay tuned . . .

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