Thursday, May 27, 2010

Update (26 May 2010) on CSX RF&P Cameron Run bridge project

With only a few days left before the big move, contractor Skanska has most--but not all--of the heavy scaffolding in place. A job site supervisor told me that sliding the new bridge into position may not happen until Monday, even though the four-day shutdown of the railroad begins Friday (28 May) after all evening VRE trains have passed.

Below is a brief photo review of the site as of 26 May.

In the photo below, note the heavy steel beams lying on the RF&P right of way, plus more on the ground:

The steel beams near the railroad are very apparent in this shot. How will they be used? Supporting framework for the new bridge's "final resting place"?

Amtrak 171 is southbound for Lynchburg on the NS horn track as it passes a pair of steel workers:

Peeking via telephoto lens under the new bridge, a new concrete column and steel supporting structure are visible:

The "railroad north" end of the new bridge, revealing this end of the heavy "slide scaffold" (my term):

Lying off to the side are several scaffold pylons that have yet to be driven into place:

A closer look at the "slide scaffold":

VRE 331 gets a wave from a worker as it rumbles through:

As VRE 331 bounds toward a cluster of construction workers, they watch with possibly a little apprehension as they're standing quite close to the horn track. The white car between the horn track and a yard track is occupied all day, every day by a guard who sees to it that no one crosses the track into the work site. I asked him if he wasn't a little queasy about parking so close, but Mr. Invincible just harumphed:

My next post, I hope, will report the actual installation of the new bridge . . .

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