Thursday, May 27, 2010

Update (26 May 2010) on CSX RF&P Track 1 Extension Project

For several weeks it's been difficult for me to report on the laying of the RF&P Track 1 extension south of AF (CFP104) because work has been in hard-to-reach locations. At present, all I can witness is at AF, where crews have now gotten the rail, concrete ties and ballast in place from the signal bridge up to Cameron Run.

These photos, taken 26 May, include this one of a tamper/liner parked on the new Track 1 extension across from the former grade crossing at the end of South Quaker Lane in Alexandria. This is adjacent to the Seminary signals (junction with the NS horn track) directly behind me:

VRE 309 rolls south of AF (the interlocking is north of the signal bridge in the background) on Track 2. New Track 1 is barely visible between the locomotive and the gray box:

Inexplicably, this pile of wooden ties has appeared at the foot of South Quaker. The new track is being "shoed" with concrete ties, and AF was totally rebuilt within the past decade, so this is a minor mystery:

VRE 338 with cab car V722 in charge comes up the NS north passenger track during the afternoon commuter rush. The new RF&P track is the last one inside the signal bridge near its left leg. Look closely and you'll see it's thoroughly buried in new ballast:

VRE is approaching a junction called "VAL," where it will move onto CSX and proceed to Alexandria station.

Cut-in of the Track 1 extension (AF/CFP 104 to its junction with Track 2 across from the Franconia-Springfield Transportation Center at CFP 98) is still, as far as I know, scheduled to take place over the July 4 weekend.

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