Friday, May 14, 2010

Update on Cameron Run bridge construction (CSX CFP102)--May 14, 2010

We now know the new bridge will be installed over the Memorial Day weekend. Friday through Monday and possibly a little longer will be given over to the project as CSX shuts down the RF&P through this area. Commuter trains and Amtrak are making alternative plans involving Metro and shuttle buses. Freight rerouting is not known at this moment. The contractor, Skanska, is pouring on the heat to be ready in time. Here's the latest photo report, which reveals at last how the bridge will be slid into place. This was not evident at the time of my last report (April 18).

First, here are a couple of shots from May 1, when the contractor had begun painting the bridge:

Now, here's the May 13 gallery. From this wide angle, the only change apparent is that fresh coat of white paint, perhaps primer; it's hard to imagine leaving a railroad bridge painted white:

The old bridge, still in use, is set for removal by "demo" (demolition), per one of the contractor's employees. Under the bridge you can see writing in orange:

Here's a closer look at that orange writing:

Now, we've been wondering what this feature is. Midway through the new bridge there's this hinge-like apparatus. Does it allow for articulating the two sections of the bridge? It's going to be on a slight curve, so maybe that's its purpose:

At last we can see how the new bridge will be slid into place. In previous reports you saw there were no columns or horizontal I-beams reaching from the new bridge over to the old bridge. Now there's this one, which begins atop the column nearest the NS horn track (foreground) and runs against the old bridge in the distance:

The new horizonal I-beam can be seen more clearly from this perspective:

That's the only one erected so far. However, more were arriving on May 14 when I paid an impromptu visit to the site. Three flatbed trucks, each with an I-beam like the one above, were queued up to enter the job site as I was leaving. Two weeks from today till "show time." More later . . .

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  1. Wow! Are you going to visit the site over this Memorial Day Weekend?